【IP News】Released new products from MTG’s “Style”

"Style" is a product and brand name related to posture support that is being developed by MTG co., LTD.


With the vision of "Correct posture creates people," the company has developed products from a chiropractic perspective to guide people toward their natural correct posture.

It was first released in 2014, and a wide range of products are now available, including sizes, designs, support belts, and clothing, tailored to different lifestyles, for both children and adults.

The products are developed based on ergonomics to ensure that they can be used by people of all skeletal structures and body types, and to allow them to feel the benefits.

The brand is now being sold both domestically and internationally and has shipped over 3 million units to date, with no signs of slowing down.

As a leading brand in the posture support market, it has gained recognition in various markets.

Regarding the new product information, the following image was found this time.

It is an industrial design registration published by the Patent Office.

There is no public announcement of a product with the same shape as this one on their website yet, so it is believed to be a new product.

Design registration number: JP1732488S

While there are two existing products that are similar to this one, they differ slightly from each other. It is exciting to see how this new product will be released in the future.

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