【IP News】 Ya-man’s New Item Information from patent

Ya-man, which develops various beauty devices, has confirmed a new public patent related to EMS equipment. It seems to be a product that combines EMS with a vibration pole.

In recent years, the sales of vibrating stretching devices have been strong, and there are many products that combine EMS with them, such as the ATEX Lurado Style EMS Power Roll.

ATEX Lurado Style EMS Power Roll

Ya-man has been enjoying strong sales of EMS equipment for the face and various facial beauty devices in recent years and has also been expanding its line-up of hair care products.

With the emergence of products that are closer to the fitness side, further growth can be expected.

JP2022-148510A(Japanese Patent Publication)

Application Date:2021/03/24

Publication Date:2022/10/06




To provide an instrument capable of applying an EMS in a diverse manner to a variety of target regions.

SOLUTION: A disclosed instrument includes: a cylindrical body that has an outer peripheral surface capable of coming into contact with a user's target region; two or more electrode parts that are provided on an outer peripheral surface of the body part; and a first control part that controls the supply of electricity to the two or more electrode parts independently of each other for each of the two or more electrode parts.

In this case, the two or more electrode parts can also include two or more first electrode parts that are arranged along a peripheral direction in a first axial position along an axial direction of the body part.